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Hello 2017!


This year, we are going to take a different approach with your “community page”. We’d like to use our page to feature and acknowledge some of the different community groups and agencies who work in our city, particularly in the downtown core. There are so many organizations that quietly work away making our downtown a healthier, more vibrant and inclusive place for all.

We all benefit from their dedication and work in the city and we would like to take a moment each month to support, acknowledge and thank those organizations for the work they do in our community.


Teri Hustins
Oscar & Libby’s


January 2017

The 9-10 Soup Kitchen … located in the basement of St. Andrew’s Cathedral, at the corner of View & Blanshard, this soup kitchen has been serving up hot bowls of soup, bread and pastries since 1982. It is open Monday to Friday 8:00-10am and serves between 150-300 clients per day. Be sure to visit their page at to find out more about The 9-10 Club and their work in our community.


February 2017

Those of us who work in the downtown core are very familiar with Reverend Al and the work that he and his society does in Downtown Victoria. When we’re working early in the morning at our Fort Street location, we often see his van and his team, checking in on people on the street, offering a hot cup of coffee, a muffin and some much needed support. We are proud to support Reverend Al, his organization and their work. To find out more about The Dandelion Society please visit their website at


March 2017

Sandy Merriman House, a shelter built by women for women, first opened in 1995, offering beds to women in need. Originally providing 15 beds, Sandy Merriman has grown to now accommodate 25 beds. The shelter also runs a daytime drop-in program, supplying hot meals, laundry and shower facilities, hygiene supplies and clothing to women over the age of 19. As well, Sandy Merriman House provides support and referrals from various support worker agencies while also offering different programs, arts and crafts and guest speakers
– all services available at no cost.
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April 2017

Pacifica Housing

Based in Downtown Victoria, Pacifica Housing aims to connect people with permanent and secure housing. Through their outreach program, Pacifica Housing provides supports and services so that potential tenants can move to stable and permanent housing. They are an example of another fabulous community organization in our downtown core.
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May 2017

Together Against Poverty Society

(TAPS), is the only organization in Victoria that provides free legal education and advocacy to those who need it.  Their focus is on helping people with issues regarding disability benefits, social assistance, taxes and tenancy disputes.  Together Against Poverty Society is located on Fort Street in Downtown Victoria.
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